Breakdown of Dealer Websites Sections

Dealer Websites Sections

There are five main sections to the website. These include:

    1. Home page
    2. Inventory page and Inventory Details page, which allows customers to search and view your inventory
    3. Apply Online page with a secure application form
    4. Driving Directions page to allow a customer to get mapped directions to your dealership
    5. About Us page to share details about your dealership

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Home pages

The Dealer Website home page is the entry point for your site and gives you the opportunity to create a great impression. Some of the customizable elements of the Home page include:

See this sample Home page

  1. Logo for your dealership.
  2. Social media links.
  3. A rotating carousel of images. 
  4. Introduction text.
  5. Cars you’ve flagged as Featured Vehicles in DealerCenter.
  6. Dealership hours.


Inventory page

The Inventory page will display the vehicles that you have selected to publish to your website from DealerCenter. Customers visiting this page will be able to search your vehicle inventory by make, model and year and be able to filter results by those criteria as well as by mileage. Customers will be able to click on any vehicle and go to an Inventory Details page with more information

See this sample Inventory page

  1. Customers can search and sort your available inventory by year, make, model, price and mileage.
  2. Customers can view thumbnail photos and summary information for all of your published vehicles and click on a desired vehicle for more information.


Inventory Details pages

Clicking on a vehicle record on the Inventory page will open the Inventory Details page for that vehicle. The Inventory Details page displays a thorough overview of the vehicle’s details, equipment, as well as photos and allows the consumer to submit leads by requesting a quote and/or pre-approval.

See this sample Inventory Details page

  1. Vehicle’s details, description, and optional equipment.
  2. Vehicle’s published photos.
  3. Customers can submit credit applications, appointment and quote requests, and view the Autocheck report.
  4. Customers can use a payment calculator (this may be enabled / disabled in the Site Setting Inventory Administrator window).


Apply Online page

The Apply Online page provides a credit application form allowing consumers to submit to qualify for pre-approved financing. You can choose between having a short-form or long-form credit application appear by selecting your preference within Site Settings > Credit Application Type. Upon submission of a credit application:

  • A lead record is created and available for import directly into the DealerCenter Customers and Credit module.
  • You will receive an email notification at the email address that you set up in the Site Settings> Notification. 

See this sample Apply Online page


Driving Directions page

The Driving Directions page will map the location of your dealership and allow your customers to enter in their address in the Origin field and get turn-by-turn directions to your location. The Satellite view can be turned on/off in the Site Settings > Map Satellite View.

See this sample Driving Directions page


About Us page

The About Us page is a page where you can share more about your dealership. This page gives you space to share your dealership’s history and include an image of your dealership, team, etc. This page includes all the relevant contact information including phone, email, and address

See this sample About Us page

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