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Adding and Finding Lead Prospects in DealerCenter

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  1. Adding New Prospects Automatically
  2. Scanning Driver's Licenses
  3. Manual Entry of Prospects
  4. Leveraging the Wishlist
  5. Managing Lead Prospects

Adding New Prospects Automatically

In today’s digital world, most of your leads will likely come from online sources like your dealership website, Autotrader, or Facebook page. DealerCenter simplifies your workflow by automatically funneling these leads into your CRM. You'll be notified of new prospects, allowing you to access their details with just one click. Keep an eye on your Notification Center, your Homepage Customer Info Tile or Sales dashboard for real-time lead activity.

For your Sales Dashboard go to Dashboards on the menu, then choose CRM Dashboard:

Go to CRM Dashboard.png

Sale Dashboard.png


Scanning Driver's Licenses

For in-person customer interactions, DealerCenter offers a quick and accurate data entry method through license scanning. Simply scan the back of a customer's driver's license, and DealerCenter will do the rest, including checking for existing records and prompting you to create a new prospect record if needed.

Scan DL Mobile.png


Manual Entry of Prospects

Sometimes, a personal touch is necessary. DealerCenter allows for manual entry of prospect details, starting with the basics like name, contact number, or email. Inputting additional information enhances your data set, leading to better demographic insights and reporting capabilities.


Leveraging the Wishlist

DealerCenter's wishlist feature helps you connect with customers' desires. Add vehicles like a Toyota Camry to a customer's wishlist, and when a matching VIN is scanned at an auction, you'll be notified, paving the way for a potential sale. It's about making meaningful connections at the right time.



Managing Lead Prospects

Whether automatically importing leads, scanning licenses, or entering details manually, managing your prospects in DealerCenter is designed to be intuitive and efficient. Remember, a lead is not yet a customer—they're potential opportunities that, with the right approach, you can convert into sales.

For additional information on utilizing DealerCenter’s CRM to its fullest potential, don't hesitate to contact our support team or check out our other helpful videos.