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From Appraisal to Sale: Managing Your Inventory with DealerCenter

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  1. Introduction to DealerCenter Inventory
  2. Appraising a New Vehicle
  3. Appraisal Settings
  4. Inventory Module Design
  5. Document Library Access
  6. Finalizing Vehicle Purchase
  7. Adding New Vehicles to Inventory
  8. Inventory List Filtering and Searching
  9. Vehicle Details Page
  10. Marketing and Media Tabs
  11. Files, Activities, and Logs Tabs

Introduction to DealerCenter Inventory

Gain access to comprehensive inventory management features directly from your home screen. Explore filterable inventory lists, detailed reports, and quick access to vehicle appraisals and history reports.


Appraising a New Vehicle

Begin by selecting "Inventory" then "Appraise New Vehicle" from the main menu. Simply enter the vehicle's VIN and mileage to automatically retrieve book values based on your subscriptions.

Get started Appraise Vehicle.png


Appraisal Settings

Set defaults for book values, reconditioning costs, and more in the Appraisal Settings. This section also allows for viewing detailed comparative values and historical reports.

Appraisal Quick Settings.png


Inventory Module Design

The design focuses on providing glanceable and actionable information, capturing all relevant details including the appraiser, sales rep, and more.

Appraisal Value Calculator.png


Document Library Access from Appraisal Screen

Easily print essential documents such as appraisal summaries and release of liability forms directly from the appraisal screen.

Inventory Document Library.png


Finalizing Vehicle Purchase

Complete the finalization of vehicle purchases with pre-filled information, custom statuses, and detailed condition reports.

Finalize Purchase.png


Adding New Vehicles to Inventory

Add vehicles through various methods such as direct entry, CSV upload, or automatic import, complete with comprehensive options for vehicle build-out by VIN.


Inventory List Filtering and Searching

Navigate through your dealership's inventory with advanced filtering and searching capabilities, accessing detailed vehicle information effortlessly.

From your Homepage, go to the Inventory on the menu then choose the Inventory List option:

Inventory List.png


Vehicle Details Page

Essential vehicle information, warnings, alerts, tasks, interested leads, vehicle options, descriptions, amd more are all made easily accessible.

Vehicle Detail Page.png


Marketing and Media Tabs

Adjust online postings, upload photos, create 360 views, and add photo overlays directly within the module.

Marketing Tab.png


Files, Activities, and Logs Tabs

Attach and access documents, add notes, manage tasks, and view a complete history of the vehicle.