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Inventory Overview

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  • Introduction to DealerCenter Inventory:

    • Access to inventory-related features from the home screen.
    • Filterable inventory list, reports, and actions like starting an appraisal or running a history report.
  • Appraising a New Vehicle:

    • Entering VIN and mileage to automatically pull book values based on subscriptions.
    • Quick summary and appraisal value calculation, customizable values for gross profit, etc.
  • Appraisal Settings:

    • Setting defaults for books used, reconditioning costs, packs, and so on.
    • Viewing history reports and detailed comparative values.
  • Inventory Module Design:

    • Information designed to be glanceable and actionable.
    • Capturing general information such as appraiser, sales rep, purchase info, lien holder, title info, and adding photos.
  • Reference Tile for Vehicle Performance:

    • Performance of similar vehicles in current or sold inventory, based on make and model.
  • Document Library Access from Appraisal Screen:

    • Printing documents like appraisal summaries, release of liability forms, and history reports directly.
  • Finalizing Vehicle Purchase:

    • Finalization screen with pre-filled information, adding custom statuses, vehicle condition, payment type, and vehicle status (e.g., in Recon or in inventory).
  • Adding New Vehicles to Inventory:

    • Adding vehicles directly, through automatic import, CSV upload, or manually, with options to build out vehicle by VIN.
  • Inventory List Filtering and Searching:

    • Filtering and searching dealership inventory, accessing vehicle details, and navigating through the inventory list.
  • Vehicle Details Page:

    • Glanceable important information, warnings, alerts, tasks, interested leads, vehicle options, and descriptions.
  • Marketing and Media Tabs:

    • Adjusting online postings, uploading photos, 360 views, creating photo overlays, adding templates.
  • Files, Activities, and Logs Tabs:

    • Attaching and accessing documents, notes, tasks, and a complete history of the vehicle.

DealerCenter Inventory

DealerCenter's inventory management system is designed to streamline every aspect of vehicle inventory management for auto dealers. This comprehensive platform combines advanced features and functionalities into one integrated solution, making it easier for dealers to manage, market, and analyze their inventory efficiently. With DealerCenter, dealers gain access to a suite of powerful tools that enhance their inventory processes, all accessible through a user-friendly platform and mobile app. Key features include:

  • Vehicle Booking Services: Accurately price your inventory with up-to-date industry standards.
  • Auction Access & Vehicle Acquisition: Source vehicles easily from auctions nationwide.
  • Vehicle History Reports: Get detailed reports for informed purchasing decisions.
  • Market Pricing Services: Price your inventory competitively with real-time market data.
  • Inventory Ad Posting: Effortlessly advertise your inventory across multiple platforms.
  • Inventory Videos: Create and share videos to enhance vehicle listings and engage potential buyers.
  • Vehicle Photo Management: Manage and display high-quality images for each vehicle.
  • Inventory Management Reporting: Access comprehensive reports for a detailed analysis of your inventory performance.

And more, all designed to ensure you are informed while acquiring inventory and can present your inventory in the most compelling way possible. DealerCenter simplifies inventory management by combining everything into one seamless platform and mobile app solution, empowering dealers to maximize their inventory's potential.


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