What are the DealerCenter Mobile App features?

Mobile App Product Features

Manage Inventory & Online Ad Posting

Add vehicles to your inventory and directly upload then to your websites and 3rd party websites.

  • Tip: Use the VIN & Driver's License Scanner to quickly fill out the most important information and avoid manual input of data.


Auction Tool

Accessing auction inventory is as 1,2,3. Do it all in under 30 seconds!

  1. Open DealerCenter mobile app
  2. Scan the VIN & book the vehicle
  3. Run vehicle history report


Prospect Tracker (CRM)

  • Quickly add customers & track all sales activity at your dealership
  • Send and receive text and email messages directly in DealerCenter
  • Once-click post to online ads
  • Total control of your inventory
  • View deal results anywhere


Booking Services

Access any book value, anytime, anywhere! Utilize real-time access to auction, wholesale, retail and private party value

Mobile Deal Management 

All your lenders in one, centralized location.

  • Monitor deal status own real-time
  • Maintain visibility to sales activity and close business without being in the office

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