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Help! I have to enable security settings over and over!

We're here to help! For additional support on this topic or for more information on how to get started reach out to our Support Team at support@dealercenter.com or call us at 888-669-2669.


Why does this happen? (Hint: It's # 2)

If you've gone through the process of verifying your login/account - but you still have to go through the process again (or multiple times) check the following items. Please call our support team for extra help!

1. Clearing or Deleting Browser History

You (or someone else) regularly clears browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). Clearing or deleting the browser history - specifically 'cookies' - forces the DealerCenter website to 'forget' that you verified your account. 

2. Privacy, Security and Cleanup settings/software

Your computer and/or internet browser is setup to automatically deletes your web history or data (especially cookies). This may include:

  • Do not track mode
  • Incognito Mode
  • Do not track software and apps
  • Privacy settings or special privacy software
  • Security software like Anti-virus 
  • Space-saving or auto-cleanup software

Look for these types of settings or software and make sure to allow 'cookies' for the DealerCenter site. Anything that automatically deletes or blocks 'cookies' will prevent the DealerCenter site from 'remembering' that you verified your account.

3. Frequent device or browser switching* 

3. You frequently switch between different computer and/or internet browsers. Account verifications is set per browser / per computer.

So, for example, if you verify your account on Google Chrome and then later switch to Internet Explorer you would be asked to verify your account on Internet Explorer. *However, this should only happen one time. Once both your account is verified on both browser you can switch back and forth without ever seeing the red security bar. If you are required to verify you account multiple times see above explanations.