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Click to Call: Connect with Customers Instantly

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  1. Using Click to Call
  2. Finding Your Work Phone Number
  3. Understanding Call Recording
  4. Managing and Reviewing Calls
  5. Improving Customer Engagement

Using Click to Call

'Click to Call' within DealerCenter CRM is a feature that enhances how you connect with customers. Simply navigate to a customer record and click on their phone number. Choose 'Call', and the system will ring the phone number linked to your CRM user profile. This seamless connection streamlines your communication, making it more efficient.

Click to Call.png

Finding Your Work Phone Number

Your work phone number, which is used for the Click to Call feature, can be found and edited in your User Profile. Access this by clicking on your username from the homepage and selecting 'Profile'. Here, your work number is displayed and can be updated at any time.

Understanding Call Recording

If call recording is enabled on your CRM account, you'll notice a 'Recording' status during calls. This feature is integral for maintaining records of your conversations with customers and is valuable for training and quality assurance purposes.

Call Recording.png

Managing and Reviewing Calls

Every call is logged within the Activity History for easy access. You can view who made the call, when it was made, and the call outcome. To revisit a conversation, simply select the recorded call from the history and listen back, helping you recall vital details of your discussions.

Call History.png

Improving Customer Engagement

'Click to Call' is not just about making calls—it's about enhancing the customer experience. Reviewing call recordings can help train your team to provide the level of service that leads to higher conversion rates. It's an essential tool for any customer-focused team.

For more information on DealerCenter’s Click-to-Call and Call Recording features, don't hesitate to contact our support team today!