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CRM Dashboards: Sales, Customer Check-in and Lead Management

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  1. Get to CRM Dashboard
  2. Understanding the Sales Dashboard
  3. Navigating the Customer Check-In Dashboard
  4. Leveraging the Lead Management Dashboard


Get to CRM Dashboard

From the DealerCenter Homepage go to the Dashboards menu option, then choose CRM Dashboards:

Go to Dashboards.png


Understanding the Sales Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard is the nucleus of your daily dealership operations within DealerCenter CRM. It organizes your tasks, appointments, and prospects to optimize your workflow. It's where you'll start your day, with a comprehensive view of what needs your immediate attention, ensuring you maximize every sales opportunity.

Sales Dashboard.png

Visual indicators and organized lists will guide you through your day, showing tasks that require completion, new prospects that need follow-up, and the current status of all your communications. The Sales Dashboard is not just a tool—it's your strategic partner in driving sales forward efficiently.


Navigating the Customer Check-In Dashboard

The Customer Check-In Dashboard is a streamlined process for managing customer visits. When a customer arrives, this dashboard ensures a personalized and thorough engagement. Accessible on both desktop and the DealerCenter mobile app, this feature helps your team provide a consistent and high-quality customer experience from the welcome to the close of a deal.


Mobile Check-in.png

On the mobile app, open to any customer then tap the Check-In option.


Leveraging the Lead Management Dashboard

The Lead Management Dashboard gives you a real-time view of all your leads. Here you can quickly identify which leads need your attention, with clear indicators for follow-ups, contacts, and visits. It allows you to ensure no potential sale slips through the cracks by providing insights into each lead's status and history. Understanding the source and status of your leads enables you to prioritize and engage with them more effectively.

Lead Management.png


DealerCenter CRM's dashboards are designed to provide a dynamic overview of your sales activities, customer interactions, and lead management processes. By utilizing these dashboards to their full potential, you can ensure that your dealership runs smoothly and that every customer engagement is maximized. For more information or if you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to the DealerCenter Support Team.