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Using the Craigslist Scheduler

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In this video you will learn how to create and set up a Schedule for your Craigslist posts. You will learn how to choose which vehicles you would like to post, which markets to post those vehicles to and how often you'd like them to be posted. 

Topic Timeline 

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00:13 Get to the "Manage Craigslist" Page

Setting up Online Ad Posting to Advertising Sites

00:22 Filter "Active" or "Inactive" schedules 
00:35 "Schedule Name"

Posting a Vehicle Online using Online Ad Posting

00:40 Choosing the "Market" for your ads 

Setting up Craigslist Ad Posting

00:57 Choosing a "Craigslist Template"


01:06 Choosing an "Inventory Report"


01:29 Choosing a number of "Posts Per Market"


01:34 Choosing "Post Distribution"


01:46 Choosing a day and time for your posts


 02:29 Selecting a "Start Date and End Date"


02:46 Saving the Schedule 


02:55 "Schedule History"