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How to Work a Prospect: Turning Leads into Sales with DealerCenter CRM

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  1. Understanding the Sales Funnel
  2. Engaging Prospects Quickly
  3. Dispositioning Leads Effectively
  4. Maximizing Every Contact
  5. Scheduling and Managing Appointments
  6. Nurturing Through the Sales Cycle

Understanding the Sales Funnel

Every prospect begins their journey at the top of the Sales Funnel as a New Prospect / Lead. Initially, they hold a 15% probability of closing; however, this increases as you actively engage and advance them through various stages: Contacted, Appointment Scheduled, Dealership Visit, Working Deal, and finally to Sold.

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Engaging Prospects Quickly

Quick engagement is key. Whether a prospect reaches out via chat, email, or phone call, reciprocating through the same channel can boost your chances of conversion. Follow up with a call where necessary, but remember to initially match the modality of the prospect's approach.

Dispositioning Leads Effectively

The act of dispositioning involves recording each interaction with a prospect, whether through call, text, or email. This helps you maintain an organized follow-up schedule. With DealerCenter CRM, you can log these interactions directly on the prospect’s record page, under the 'Lead' tab.

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Maximizing Every Contact

Engage with prospects by asking insightful questions about their buying timeline, credit situation, and vehicle interests. Aim for at least 13 touchpoints to increase the likelihood of closing the sale, as each disposition increases the prospect's engagement and your chances of success.

Scheduling and Managing Appointments

Appointment scheduling is a pivotal step in the sales process. Utilize DealerCenter CRM to set appointments and manage follow-ups. Automated confirmations and reminders sent by the system aid in improving appointment show rates and advancing the lead through the funnel.

Nurturing Through the Sales Cycle

From initial contact to closing the deal, nurture your leads at each stage of the sales cycle. DealerCenter CRM's road-to-sale feature visually indicates the prospect's current stage, enabling you to tailor your approach and interactions to progress toward a sale.

Sales Cycle in Lead.png

For a more detailed understanding of working a prospect in DealerCenter CRM or for any assistance, please reach out to our support team.