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F & I Express/DealerCenter Integration

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F & I Express (FIE) provides a platform that serves as a connection point between aftermarket services providers and platforms like DealerCenter.

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What is it?

How Does it Work? - Activation

Rating and Contracting a Product


What is it?

F & I Express (FIE) provides a platform that serves as a connection point between aftermarket services providers and technology providers like DMS and Digital marketing companies.

F & I Express helps to simplify and shorten the integration process and allows dealers to have expanded access to their aftermarket and services providers from their DMS platform. The FIE integration will allow you as a DealerCenter dealer to receive rates and generate contracts from their aftermarket products/service providers from within DealerCenter, saving users the time and effort of logging into multiple sites to receive rates and print contracts for their aftermarket products.


How Does it Work?


Activating the provider integrations through F&I Express will be done in the Partner Settings tab of Dealer Settings. Begin the activation process by clicking on the Add New Integration button in the Additional Provider Integrations section.



Next, select the providers you are currently active with and select the Next button.

Please note: This service connects dealers to their current providers and does not establish new relationships between dealer and provider.



Enter your account number/ID for the selected providers and select the products you are approved to sell through these providers.



You will then be asked to map the selected providers to one of your existing DealerCenter partners or create a new partner for that provider. This step helps keep your records and reports tidy and prevents duplicate vendor partners from appearing when requesting rates for a product on a deal



To link the selected provider to an existing partner, click on the search icon and find partner to be linked:



You can create a new partner record for the selected provider by clicking the add icon and entering the provider information in the popup window



DealerCenter will validate the status and availability of the providers and products and the confirmed relationships will be displayed in the Additional Provider Integrations listing



Rating and Contracting a Product

You will be able to request rates and print contracts from the Deal Contract tab of the Deal screen from either the Ins/GAP/VSI pop-down or from the Service Contract/Products pop-down.



You will select the product type and the provider for the product they wish to receive a rate



Selecting an integrated provider will enable a Get Quote button. Then you can click on the Get Quote button to begin the rating process



Clicking Get Quote will retrieve and display the different products, terms, and options available from the provider for the current deal. Select and option and click Apply to Deal



The selected product options will be carried over and applied to the deal



If the product is then sold as part of the deal, you can click the Print Contract button to receive the contract for the product with the selected terms



The contract will be displayed for printing



Once the contract is generated, you may be asked to void the current contract number and begin the rating process again if changes are made to the deal terms and/or structure