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Exploring the Vehicle Details Page: Key Features and Functionalities

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  1. Accessing a Vehicle Details Page
  2. Overview Panel
  3. Top Bar Features
  4. Vehicle Info Tab
  5. Media Tab
  6. Marketing Options
  7. Printing Documents
  8. Activities and Files Tabs

Accessing a Vehicle Details Page

From your Homepage, go Search Bar and type information like the make, model, stock number or VIN to pull up a vehicle:

Vehicle Detail Search.png

You can also go to the Inventory on the menu then choose the Inventory List option to pull up a list report of your inventory:

Vehicle Detail - Inventory List.png

The inventory list is a sortable, filterable, and customizable report that provides a comprehensive view of all inventory items.


Overview Panel

The left panel of the Vehicle Details page displays essential information such as vehicle status, stock number, and condition, providing a quick snapshot of the vehicle's key details.

Vehicle Detail - Left Panel.png


Top Bar Features

The top bar includes quick access links to Alerts, Tasks, Leads, and Deals associated with the vehicle. Alerts can indicate important notices such as a vehicle on hold or a deposit has been taken. These will popup and appear when the vehicle page is opened. Tasks can be assigned to team members for specific actions.

Vehicle Detail - Top Bar.png


Vehicle Info Tab

This tab contains detailed information including Pricing Info, Cost Info, Book Values, History Reports, and more. 

Vehicle Detail - Vehicle Info Tab.png

The Vehicle Info tab also features a section for quickly creating the vehicle Description by integrating keywords:

Vehicle Detail - Vehicle Description.png


Media Tab

Manage and edit vehicle media such as photos and videos. Media can be edited directly within this tab, including cropping, rotating, and adding custom overlays.

Vehicle Detail - Media Tab.png


Marketing Options

Review and manage where the vehicle is posted online, from the dealership’s website to third-party sites like CarGurus and Autotrader, as well as other marketing platforms.

Vehicle Detail - Marketing Tab.png


Printing Documents

Access and print essential documents such as the Buyer’s Guide directly from the Document Library.

Vehicle Detail - Document Library.png


Activities and Files Tabs

View notes and tasks associated with the vehicle in the Activities tab and manage or attach important files in the Files tab.