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  • Setting up eSign Funding Print Packs: 0:10
  • Starting eContracting on a deal: 1:18
  • Remote eContract signing vs in-person/at dealership: 1:50
  • Completing Additional Info/Required fields screen: 2:20
  • Reviewing and making adjustments to eSign documents: 2:30
  • Dealer signing session: 2:52
  • Customer signing session: 3:24
  • Printing and completing process: 4:30


How does DealerCenter eContracting work?

Qualified dealers get 3 free econtracting sessions!

DealerCenter eContracting allows you to create custom 'eSign funding packs' which are similar to standard DC print packs, but they can contain a combination of both electronically signed documents and traditional print documents.

DealerCenter will produce an official, paper copy of the electronically signed documents in a single PDF for easy printing and sending to your lender. Each 'Papered Out' PDF package contains the electronically signed documents, the Certification of Original Document from eOriginal, and the Document History Log for every document in the package. The Certification of Original Document and the Document History Logs are critical components for confirming the integrity of documents when sending to a lender for funding.

In addition, you will be able to include in the eSign Funding Pack any of documents that require a wet-signed (pen) signature.



How do I get started?

This article provides a detailed walkthrough video and a step-by-step user guide (see below). Here's a quick overview to get started:

  1. Create your eSign Funding Pack by going to the Settings page, select the Deal tab, then choose Print/eSign Settings tab.
  2. On a deal select the eContract Deal button at the bottom right of the deal page.
  3. Select and review your eSign Funding Pack.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose: language, remote vs in-person signing, and complete additional info screen.
  5. DealerCenter will first generate for review all the eContracting documents.
  6. Begin Dealer Signing Session.
  7. Switch to Buyer Signing Session.
  8. Print the Deal Package

    Some of the documents will be needed just for the customer, some for just you as the dealer, and some for both. The Print and Continue button will open a new window with two tabs for easy printing – one for the dealer documents and one for the customer documents.

  9. Print any documents included in the eSign Funding Pack that require a wet-ink signature
  10. After the documents are signed and printed, the eContracting session status will be updated to Completed and the customer will receive an email with a link to download their copies of the eSigned documents.


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