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Doing a Nicholas Financial Deal

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  1. How to work an NFI deal
  2. Who is Nicholas Financial?
  3. Help for Nicholas Financial Reps
  4. Calculated Net Check vs. Decisioned Net Check
  5. Additional Resources


How to work an NFI deal

When submitting a deal be sure to select Nicholas Financial:

  1. Simply start a deal and choose Finance as your deal type.
  2. Add in your vehicle and customer information.
  3. Add in deal info such as price, service contact, gap and more.
  4. Once you submit, check to see Nicholas Financial's results based on the what is set as your preferred lenders. Your Nicholas Financial rep may come back with a few changes.


  • NFI overview: 0:05
  • Starting a deal and deal submission screen: 0:18
  • The lender offers screen and lender results: 1:10
  • Adjusting the deal and submitting it to NFI: 1:50
  • NFI responses/statuses after deal has been submitted: 2:50
  • Accepting an offer and printing paperwork: 3:00


Who is Nicholas Financial?

Nicholas Financial, Inc. is staffed with a team of experienced professionals committed to serving the needs of franchised and independent automobile dealers. Nicholas allows the dealer to increase sales and maximize profits through financing programs tailored to both the customer and the dealer.

In DealerCenter, NFI is active in the following areas: AL, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI MO, NC, NV, OH, PA, SC, TN, UT, WI, TX 

Nicholas Financial helps near-prime and subprime customers.


Help for Nicholas Financial Reps

To ensure the callback matches what the dealer’s structure displays in DealerCenter guide the dealer to the Roll Back button. This allows them to roll the deal back to the correct Amount Financed based on what was approved. See the following section Calculated Net Check vs. Decisioned Net Check for details.



It’s also important that your dealer add any Service Contract to the structure, which is reflected in the Net Check field.



Calculated Net Check vs. Decisioned Net Check

On your Nicholas Financial deal under the Lender Offers tab you will notice a field called Calculated Net Check. This value is based on how you have structured the deal when you submitted it.

It’s common for lenders, however, to approve your deal a bit differently than how it was submitted. For the Calculated Net Check to match the Decisioned Net Check (i.e. the approved financed amount that came back from Nicholas Financial) you can Roll Back the Amount Financed and/or Vehicle Price to back into the Nicholas Financial approval amount.



To make your adjustments select the Roll Back button. Then adjust the Amount Financed and/or Vehicle Price (typically, you will be adjusting the Amount Financed) to match the actual approved values from Nicholas Financial. Next, select Apply to Structure. Then you can print your contracts.



You can easily reference what the lender approved under the Deal Contract tab. You want to the Max Amt. Financed to match the Amount Financed.



Additional Resources

Get more details about preferred lender results