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Carketa Reconditioning in DealerCenter

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  • What is your process to get a vehicle ready to sell?: 0:05
  • Access Carketa in DealerCenter: 1:00
  • Carketa in a DealerCenter Vehicle Detail Page: 1:40
  • Carketa in Settings: 2:35


Carketa Overview

Typically, cars need to get detailed, serviced, get body work, go through inspections and more before they’re ready to sell. And these steps can involve many different vendors. Are you spending unnecessary time trying to track your reconditioning steps for every vehicle on paper, whiteboards, spreadsheets, back-and-forth phone calls, or a mess of email chains? Carketa helps you save time and increase profit by allowing you to seamlessly manage this process from anywhere, on any device.

Carketa lets you keep your current reconditioning steps, but completely automates them while filling in the gaps so you never lose track of where any vehicle is! You can now communicate with your team and with any of your vendors all within the Carketa system – which is accessible right inside DealerCenter.


Additional Resources

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