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How to Run CARFAX Vehicle History Reports in DealerCenter

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  1. Introduction to CARFAX
  2. Running a CARFAX Report in DealerCenter
  3. Logging into CARFAX
  4. Additional Resources and Support

Introduction to CARFAX

CARFAX is trusted by dealers to help them acquire the right inventory, attract ready-to-buy consumers, and build loyal customers. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports are easily accessible right inside DealerCenter - for example on a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) in your inventory or a vehicle page in the Auction Run List.

CARFAX Vehicle History Reports through DealerCenter can also be easily made available on your DealerCenter customer dealership website. In DealerCenter you’ll have:

  • Quick access to most accident and damage information from CARFAX;
  • Easy auto-run functionality of CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for Advantage customers; and
  • Better tracking of who is running CARFAX Vehicle History Reports for your dealership.

Running a CARFAX Report in DealerCenter

In any vehicle detail page (see screenshot below) or wherever you see the CARFAX logo in DealerCenter, select the CARFAX History Report option then choose Run Full Report.

Run Carfax in DealerCenter.gif

For example, when you go to a vehicle in your inventory, look for the Vehicle History Reports section under the Vehicle Info tab. Next, select the CARFAX History Report option then choose Run Full Report.

This will direct you to the CARFAX login page, and once you log in, you'll have access to the report. You won't have to log in every time you run a report in DealerCenter. Once you log in once, CARFAX will keep you logged in for 90 days.

Carfax Info on Vehicle Detail Page.png

Once the report is run, you’ll see quick access to highlighted information like accident and damage information or owner data. Click the ‘View Report’ link to see the CARFAX Report.

Logging into CARFAX

Like DealerCenter, each person at your dealership must have their own email-based login. The Dealer Admin in CARFAX can invite any user who needs access.

CARFAX/DealerCenter Admins: You will be required to use your CARFAX email username and password that is specific to you to run CARFAX Reports.

  • If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Password option on the login page for the site you are trying to access.
  • If you don't remember the email address or believe there may be a typo in the email address associated with your account, contact CARFAX for further assistance.

Additional Resources and Support

Download the CARFAX FAQs for email-based logins here: CARFAX Support FAQs.pdf (200 KB)