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J.D. Power Mobile Subscription

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  1. J.D. Power Booking Valuation - Mobile Subscription Trial
  2. Sharing/Transferring a License
  3. Add J.D. Power Mobile Subscription on Desktop
  4. Additional Resources and Documents


J.D. Power Booking Valuation - Mobile Subscription Trial

J.D. Power requires a separate J.D. Power paid mobile subscription to get valuations from mobile.

DealerCenter in partnership with J.D. Power offers a 30-day free trial of this mobile subscription service. You will be given the opportunity to start your free trial when any DealerCenter user at your dealership books a vehicle on the DealerCenter mobile app. This trial gives J.D. Power booking access to all users on your DealerCenter account for 30 days. The trial ending date will be displayed.



At the end of the free trial, any user with permissions to add products to your DealerCenter account will be able to add the subscription product and purchase licenses - right from the mobile app! Each user will need a license to book a vehicle, however, J.D. Power licenses can be shared within the DealerCenter mobile app. You will be able to instantly 'transfer' licenses between users. 



Sharing/Transferring a License

DealerCenter provides a way for you to share licenses between users on your account. If a user does not have a active J.D. Power Mobile Subscription license they will automatically prompted to request a license transfer from someone else.


The user who is being asked to share a license will receive a notification and is shown the request, which they can approve or deny:


This works the same way on DealerCenter desktop:


Add J.D. Power Mobile Subscription on Desktop

At any time you may also add the J.D. Power Mobile Subscription along with user licenses from the Add Products page on your DealerCenter account:

From the DealerCenter homepage, select the My Account option from the side menu, then choose Products. On the Products page select the J.D. Power Mobile product, then choose the number of licenses and indicate if you'd like the license to be shareable between users. 



Additional Resources and Documents