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Commercial Real Estate Financing

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You want to build your business and we want to help. Westlake Capital Finance (WCF) offers commercial real estate loans to automotive dealers in all 50 states. We know the dealership business model better than any bank or private lender out there and can quickly get you the funds you need to grow.




Loan Types

Westlake Capital Finance offers a variety of commercial real estate loans which can be used for a variety of business needs:

  • Upgrade/Renovation Loan: Repave, remodel, construct buildouts and additions, perform roof repairs, and finally take care of some cosmetic upgrades.
  • Dealership Purchase (Current or New Location) Loan: get the financing you need to purchase your current or next property with at least 25% down on appraised value “as-is.” *Subject to credit approval and appraisal results.
  • Ground-up Construction Loan: Build the dealership you’ve always wanted from the ground up!
  • Debt Consolidation/Refinancing with Cash Out: Refinance your current commercial mortgage and recapitalize the property by cashing out a portion of your equity for business expenses or renovations. *subject to max 75% LTV


Flexible Loan Structuring Options Available

Our team will work with you to develop a loan structure that suits your needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • 1-5 year terms, with a balloon or fully amortized
  • 1-25 year amortization schedules available
  • Interest only, available on approved credit
  • Monthly payments with AutoPay available


Loan Approval Process

  1. Preapproval & Initial Offer: WCF collects certain personal and credit information from the applicant for initial review and structuring. A LOI will typically be provided within 48 hours if loan is preapproved.
  2. Underwriting & Final Approval: WCF collects all required financial and tax documentation, an appraisal is obtained, a site visit is completed, and verification of credit history is performed for final approval.
  3. Closing & Funding: Upon final approval, a closing date is set up with a title company and all loan and legal documents are executed. Once closed, the loan is immediately funded, and servicing begins with payments commencing the subsequent month.


Additional Resources

Contact us by email at wcf@westlakefinancial.com or by phone at 888.682.0166 to learn more about how Westlake Capital Finance can help you build the business of your dreams.