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OfferUp Verified Dealer Program

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  1. How can OfferUp help your business?
  2. Setting up OfferUp


How can OfferUp help your business?

The OfferUp and DealerCenter partnership gives dealers yet another channel to effectively reach car shoppers and generating a ton of leads on a hugely popular platform. This solution tends to thrive in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace in the nation with over 45 million annual active users and 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. are actively shopping on OfferUp each month.

    • Seamless Posting: Post your vehicles with a few clicks and watch the leads come to you!
    • Easy Set-up: Connect your OfferUp account with DealerCenter and you're ready to post!
    • Dealer Promoted Placements: Promoting cars on OfferUp is easy, and unlike other platforms, OfferUp's Promoted Placements enable you to target buyers looking for and most likely to buy your vehicles. When shown, your ad is placed at the top ensuring that your ads stay within the first scroll of the buyer's feed. Your promoted cars get an average of 50% more views compared to non-verified dealers.
    • Ready-to-Buy Indicator: OfferUp's integrated Ready-to-Buy Indicator helps dealers quickly see which buyers are serious about purchasing a vehicle. Simply look for the "Ready-to-Buy" badge next to a buyer's name, and you'll know who is potentially ready to buy.


Setting up OfferUp

Setup your inventory to post to OfferUp just like other car listing sites you advertise on! Under 'Dealer Settings' go to the Inventory tab and the choose Online Marketing to active inventory export posting to OfferUp and customize the posting rules:

Check it out: