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  1. DealerCenter and CarOffer Integration: Inventory Setup
  2. Additional DealerCenter Settings
  3. Signing up for CarOffer
  4. How does CarOffer work inside DealerCenter?
  5. CarOffer Active Offers Report
  6. Additional Resources and Documents


DealerCenter and CarOffer Integration: Inventory Setup

The first step is to sign up with CarOffer. Then, you will setup your inventory in DealerCenter to be automatically sent to CarOffer. This is similar to how you would setup inventory to be pushed/sent to a car listing advertising site.

Go to 'Dealer Settings' page: 'Inventory' tab, then select the 'Online Marketing' tab, then choose 'Online Marketing Settings'. Under the Vehicle Posting Settings section choose 'Activate New Export' and then follow the steps to select CarOffer to send your inventory. During this setup you'll include you CarOffer Account number.



Additional DealerCenter Settings

You will also notice that on the 'Dealer Settings' page: 'Inventory' tab, under the 'General' tab CarOffer is displayed. You will be able to enable and disable CarOffer by selecting the checkmark. A green checkmark indicates CarOffer is enabled, a gray checkmark indicates CarOffer is disabled.

If you are not already signed up with CarOffer you will see a 'Sign Up' button, which will direct you to a CarOffer signup page.



Signing up for CarOffer

To sign-up with CarOffer, you’ll first fill out a short, basic dealer information form and schedule a demo with CarOffer. A CarOffer team admin will reach out to you directly to schedule a demo. This typically happens within the hour (or if the form is submitted after business hours the following business day).

After your brief demo with CarOffer you’ll be sent an enrollment form to sign up and receive your Welcome email.



How does CarOffer work inside DealerCenter?

Once you’re signed up and setup with CarOffer in DealerCenter, you’ll notice that a vehicle offer may automatically displayed on a vehicle when you are in a Vehicle Detail Page. You will see both the offer and an expiration date.


A ‘See Offer’ and ‘Learn More’ button will also be displayed.

The ‘Learn More’ button will open a popup window with details about CarOffer and a direct link to the CarOffer portal where you can sign in to access vehicle condition guidelines and FAQ’s.

The ‘See Offer’ button will open a new tab directly in CarOffer and allow to see the offer in detail and accept the offer.



CarOffer Active Offers Report

Under DealerCenter Reports search for a report called 'CarOffer Report' to see all your active offers. Easily filter by Payment Statuses, VIN, Stock number, Year, Make, Model, Trim. And sort by Vehicle Price, Offer Price, Expiry Date.



Additional Resources and Documents

  • Checkout www.caroffer.com for more information and signup!
  • Download the CarOffer FAQs, Vehicle Condition Guidelines and other docs below: