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Sell Inventory with Copart

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  1. How Copart helps you Sell Inventory
  2. Setting up Copart


Copart helps you Sell Inventory through their Wholesale Auctions

Copart is an Wholesale Auction Site

When you can't sell retail try Copart! Great for Salvage-titled vehicles too! 

With over 35 years in the business, Copart has grown its membership base to more than 750,000 Members across 170 countries. Copart’s virtual bidding technology allows car dealers to reach buyers around the world!

More car buyers attend Copart’s online auctions than any lane auction. At Copart, there’s no arbitration, red light, or green light. Vehicles are sold as is, where is, so you can avoid the hassle and get right down to making money.

Remember, we don't get paid until you get paid! We are here to remarket your car, and we do so with drive status, post-sale negotiations of your vehicles, and options like Make an Offer and Buy It Now. And DealerCenter makes it easy to sell a vehicle through Copart

    • Sell your excess or unwanted cars, trucks, SUVs or powersports in car auctions.
    • Seamless Posting: Post your vehicles from DealerCenter with a few clicks.
    • Easy Set-up: Connect your Copart account with DealerCenter and you're ready to post!


Setting up Copart

Setup your inventory to post to Copart just like other car listing sites you advertise on! Under 'Dealer Settings' go to the Inventory tab and the choose Online Marketing to active inventory export posting to Copart and customize the posting rules:

Check it out: