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Google Inventory Listing

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You can manage your Google Business Profile and Google Inventory Listing with DealerCenter. This feature will help more local shoppers you through Google search. By optimizing your Google Business Profile with relevant keywords, engaging content, and consistent updates, it will help you climb the local SEO ranks on Google. 

If you don't yet have a Google Business Profile you can set one up by following the steps here.


Google Inventory Listing

Once you are subscribed to either the DealerCenter Online Ad Post Premium or SEO Pro products you can  Automatically post your vehicle inventory to your Google Business Page by selecting 'Marketing' from the main side menu, then choose 'Google' and then 'Vehicle Listing':


Initially, you will be asked to active the link between your DealerCenter Account and your Google Account:


Continue by entering your Google Account ID and setting the frequency you'd like to post/publish your vehicle:


You can adjust your the settings for posting/publishing vehicles anytime by accessing this same screen, which is under 'Marketing' on the main side menu, then choose 'Google' and then 'Vehicle Listing'.


Business Profile Management

If you are subscribed to AutoSweet you can link their DealerCenter account to AutoSweet’s Google Business Profile Management Platform by selecting on the "Business Profile Management" option:


More information about AutoSweet’s Google Business Profile Management Platform can be found here.