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Understanding SMS Messaging Limits

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In response to rising costs from mobile carriers and the introduction of application to person (A2P) regulations in the United States, we have implemented a new policy on the monthly SMS limits for dealers utilizing our Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) and/or CRM product(s).

SMS Limit Based on Product Type

The monthly SMS quotas per product are as follows:

  • BHPH: 500 texts
  • CRM Basic: 1000 texts
  • CRM Plus: 2000 texts
  • CRM Pro: 4000 texts

Trial products have a lower quota:

  • BHPH (Trial): 50 texts
  • CRM Pro (Trial): 50 texts

If your account uses more than one paid product, your total SMS limit will be the sum of the limits for each product. This limit applies to the entire account and isn't divided per product.

Accounts using trial product(s) only cannot exceed an overall SMS limit of 50 texts, regardless of the number of trial products in use. If you have both paid and trial products, the 50 limit from the trial products does not add to the total limit from your paid products.

The SMS usage is reset at the start of each new trial period. If a product expires during a billing month, the original SMS limit for that product will be honored for the remainder of the month.

What Counts Towards Your Limit

The following types of SMS are counted towards the monthly quota:

  • Outbound and inbound texts to CRM/BHPH customers.

Enforcement of SMS Limits

For accounts with trial products only, the limit of 50 texts is strictly enforced. All outbound texts will be blocked after this limit is reached, with the system automatically notifying you of any inability to send due to exceeding the quota.

For accounts with paid products, we will continue to send texts beyond the monthly limit by default, but an overage fee of $0.03 will be charged for each additional text (both outbound and inbound). A setting will be added for dealers to prevent sending any texts beyond their limit, should they wish to avoid overage fees.

Overage Fees

Once the monthly limit is reached, each additional text (regardless of its length) will cost $0.03. This applies to both outbound and inbound texts.

Tracking Your SMS Usage

A new top panel icon titled "SMS" will show your current monthly usage as a percentage. Clicking on this icon will display a pop-up with detailed information on the limits for each active product, the monthly SMS limit, and the number of texts sent beyond the limit.




We will send an email notification when your SMS usage reaches 80% and 100% of your quota. These notifications will be sent based on an hourly backend job, not in real time. After these two notifications, no further emails will be sent for the current billing period. The recipients of these notifications can be configured in the dealer settings.