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Run and Interpret AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports: A Step-by-Step Guide

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  1. Accessing the AutoCheck Report
  2. Understanding the AutoCheck Score
  3. Overview of the AutoCheck Report
  4. Utilizing the Information

Accessing the AutoCheck Report

Accessing an AutoCheck vehicle history report is straightforward in DealerCenter. Navigate to the Vehicle Details Page by using the search box. Enter details such as the make, model, stock number, or VIN to locate a specific vehicle. Once on the details page, click the 'Run Report' button under the Vehicle Info tab in the Vehicle History Reports Section.

Alternatively, select Inventory from the side menu and then choose Inventory List. Right-click on any vehicle displayed in the list and select the 'Run AutoCheck' option to generate the report.


Understanding the AutoCheck Score

The AutoCheck Score is a unique feature provided by Experian, offering a numerical rating from 1 to 100 that evaluates a vehicle's reliability and expected condition based on its historical data. This score is contextualized within a range that reflects typical scores for similar vehicles, allowing users to understand a vehicle's standing compared to its peers. A score above the range suggests a better-than-expected history, while a score below the range may indicate underlying issues.


Overview of the AutoCheck Report

An AutoCheck report provides a comprehensive view of a vehicle's past, covering several key sections:

  • Vehicle History at a Glance: Offers a snapshot of the car's ownership, accidents, and service records.
  • Accident and Damage: Details any reported accidents and potential damage to the vehicle.
  • Title Check: Confirms the integrity of the vehicle's title, checking for issues like salvage or flood damage.
  • Odometer Check: Verifies the accuracy of the odometer reading, protecting against potential fraud.
  • Detailed History: Provides chronological events related to the vehicle, including previous owner details, registrations, and repairs.


Utilizing the Information

Understanding the details provided in the AutoCheck report enables dealers to make informed decisions about buying and selling vehicles. It's essential to thoroughly review each section of the report to ensure the vehicle meets both dealership standards and customer expectations. For additional support or a live demo of how to interpret these reports, reach out to our DealerCenter support team.