QuickBooks Integration Overview


What is it? 

DealerCenter’s QuickBooks integration takes your transaction entries from DealerCenter and convert them to journal entries that can easily be posted directly to QuickBooks. 

A journal entry is simply the recording of business transactions for the accounting books of your business. This record of a transaction including things like the date, amounts to be debited or credited, and a description of the transaction.

These transactions are seamlessly sent to QuickBooks in the form of journal entries so you can use QuickBooks as your primary accounting system.


How do I get started?

One of QuickBook Integration Specialist will work with you and your accountant to set up this integration.

1. Contact your DealerCenter rep to get signed up.

2. Once you're signed up for DealerCenter Accounting w/QuickBooks one of our QuickBook Integration Specialist will contact you to start the setup process.

3. Our QuickBooks Integration Team will assist with:

  • Linking the DealerCenter with to your Online QuickBooks file
  • Setting up the chart of accounts


Contact the QuickBooks Integration Team: 888-669-2669