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Release Notes - December 2023

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Release Notes - December 2023

Check out the major updates, enhancements, fixes, and new features released in December 2023.


Online payments with Promise to Pay Pending

We have added a new setting to the Online Payment Settings section of BHPH settings for "Allow Online Payments to Satisfy Promises.”


When this setting is enabled, online payments made the day before or the day of a pending Promise to Pay will mark those promises as “Paid as Promised” (if the payment is enough to satisfy the Promise) or "Paid Partial" ” (if the payment is not enough to satisfy the Promise)



Additional AutoPay Option for Monthly Payments

We have added an additional option that will allow users to select a specific day of the week/month on which to run auto-pay for BHPH accounts with a payment frequency of monthly payments.


When setting up an Auto-Pay Schedule, the pop-up screen will give users the option to make payments on a specific day or week for the month.



Online Payments Received Notifications/ Report

We have added a new notification setting in the Dealer Settings to allow dealers to setup a user at the dealership to receive a notification when a customer makes a payment online thru the website. Dealers can access the setting from Admin > Dealer Settings > Dealer Profile > Notifications > Payment


Click on the “Select Notification Receivers” and choose from a picklist of users at the dealership. The selected users will receive an email notification once a payment is made on the website.




LinkedIn to WFI DC Dashboard

Western Funding has added a LinkedIn link on the DealerCenter homepage dashboard. The link takes you directly to Western Funding’s LinkedIn page.



New Recourse Type Setting for Contract Printing

Users can now default a recourse type per Lender and have the recourse type defaulted on installment contracts that are printed for that lender.


The new Recourse Type setting can be found in the Lender Info section of the lender’s Partner Record. The available options are Full Recourse, Limited Recourse, and No Recourse.



Add Custom Categories to Deal Files Tab

Users can now create custom “Category” options for files that are uploaded to a deal.


Custom File Categories can be added in Dealer Settings > Deal > Deal Management. The user will type in the custom category and then click on “Add” the entry to the picklist.



The new category option will now be available for selection in the Deal Files tab.



Users can also add a custom file category directly in the Deal Files tab by typing a new entry and clicking the Add to List button.



Add Customer View to New Wholesale

The Customer View option that hides the cost/profit information has been added to the new Wholesale Deal screen.


When Customer View is enabled, the label on the button will be updated to “Dealer View” - clicking on “Dealer View” will convert back to showing the profits and gross of the wholesale deal.





New Printing Nationwide Expansion

The new printing user interface has expanded nationwide. We have made major changes to the Printing functionality in DealerCenter.


The new functionality includes:

Adjustments to Print Pop-Up for Better Searching

The print pop-up has been updated to allow users more filters when searching for documents in the library. We have also updated the info included in the search results to allow users to see the Form ID, the form language, if the form is eSignable, and the version date.



Updates to Printing Selected Documents

After selecting the forms to print, the user will be presented with a window with the selected forms to allow them to adjust the print order, add/remove selected documents, and preview the selected forms.



Updates to Adding a New Print Pack

The user will open the new Print Window, select the desired documents, and click the Create Print Pack button.



The user will be asked if they want to create a Print Pack or an eSign Pack. The user will click the eSign Pack button to proceed.



The Print/eSign Pack window will be opened with the selected documents, and the user will add the name and the associated Lender for this pack (if desired).



Updates to editing a Print Pack for Save/One-Time Print

Users can now adjust a previously created print pack from the deal print and either save and update the print pack with those adjustments or print one-time with those adjustments.


The user will open the Print Pack by clicking on the name from the Print Pack list.



The new Print Pack window will be opened, and the user can edit the contents of the Print Pack and save. The user will also be able to make adjustments to the Print Pack and print with those adjustments (without saving).






ACC eContracting State Expansion - IA, ID, MN, OH, TN, OK, IN, CO

eContracting is being expanded to additional states for ACC (Automotive Credit Corporation). This will be the same process we have in place for other PLP dealers on eContracting. DealerCenter has ACC eContracting Printpack available for dealers. eContracted documents will be transmitted from DC’s vault to ACC’s vault. 

Additional States:

  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana
  • Colorado


In the Vehicle expense report, provide the ability to filter sold vehicles on a specific date

We have added a “Sold Date “ filter to the vehicle expense report to make capturing expenses on sold vehicles easier within a specific date or date range.