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Release Notes - March 2024

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Release Notes - March 2024

Check out the major updates, enhancements, fixes, and new features released in March 2024.


Canceling a Balance Forward Account

DealerCenter has added the ability for users to cancel a Balance Forward Account. Users can begin canceling the Balance Forward Account by clicking on the “Cancel Balance Forward Account” option in the Account Balances tab.



The user will need to have the “Can Override Account Status” permission to make this change.

A confirmation box will appear for the users to confirm they want to cancel the account.



If the user selects “Yes,” a dialog box will appear to give the user the option to change the vehicle status and the customer associated with the account being canceled. Dealercenter will also check for any payments received and ask the user to reverse the payments before being able to cancel the account.




Update Verification Tab

Dealercenter has updated the verifications tab to include additional columns.
Status: View the see the stipulation status as well as a link to upload the missing stips.

  • Type: Name of required stip.
  • Notes: “See More” link will appear if any additional notes from Westlake or Western Funding is available. If there are no notes, this will be blank.
  • Updated: Information on when the stip was last updated.








  • Action Column: Will show Update Info hyperlink, only available for Employment and Customer verification.
  • A reply hyperlink will be available for users to reply to the displayed notes.
    • When you click on this, the verification dialog will open.







Wisconsin Tax Rates for Milwaukee Residents / Hybrid Fee

DealerCenter has changed the tax rates based on the Department of Revenue in Wisconsin.

Beginning January 1, 2024:

  • The City of Milwaukee imposes a new 2% sales and use tax
  • Milwaukee County sales and use tax increases from 0.5% to 0.9%

The Department Of Revenue administers these taxes. Sellers registered to collect Wisconsin sales and use tax must also collect the city and county tax if making taxable sales to these locations, regardless of whether the seller is located in the city or county.

  • Publication 201Sales and Use Tax Information, provides transitional provisions for tax rate changes.
  • Wisconsin Tax Bulletin 222 highlights 2023 Wis. Act 12 which authorizes the city and county to impose these taxes
  • Sales tax rate lookup by street address - available in October


Lentegrity will send us Net Check Amount in decision

Lentegrity’s loan decisions will now include the Net Check Amount in the approval. This is so dealers know what they will be expecting to receive on the deal.



DC Mobile

Multiple File/Photo for Stip Upload

In the DealerCenter mobile app, we have added the ability to allow multiple options to be able to select from photos or browse for a file. In addition, users can now select multiple photos or files to upload instead of the current function of only being able to select a single file to upload.


From the home screen on the Dealercenter mobile app, users will click on the 3 horizontal dashes on the upper lefthand corner to expand the left navigation bar menu. Scroll down to the “Deals” section of the menu and select “Pending Deals”. Users will then need to select the specific deal.



Scroll down to the Funding > Stips. Click on the upload icon next to the stip the user wants to upload. A screen with previously uploaded stips will be listed. On the bottom of the screen, users can choose to browser or access the camera to take a picture.



If browse is selected, a pop-up menu will allow the users to select a “Stip Type” and then give the user the option to continue and select from the photos or browse for files on the mobile device. Multiple photos or files can be selected to be uploaded.



Selecting “Camera” will give the user the ability to take multiple pictures of the stip. A number on the lower left-hand corner of the images will dictate how many photos have been taken, and the users can then click on add to upload the images.



Improved Re-Login Biometrics

Users can now re-login using Face ID/Fingerprint seamlessly when a session expires. Users can enable this feature after updating/installing the DealerCenter App or enable it in App Settings.





Instant Income Verification

Dealers can utilize instant income verification from the mobile app.

In the Contract tab of Deal Details screen in the mobile app, tap on View Stips & Verify Income button will open a screen to show a list of Required Customer/Dealer Stips.

Users can tap on “Verify Income” button to select 1 of 3 options:

1) Select files from files loaded in the files tab in the deal in Dealercenter.
2) Browse from the device’s file manager.
3) Take photos using the device’s Camera.

It will then start analyzing income and will display processing progress by %. Once it’s complete, the results will be shown on the same screen.





Onboarding Stips Doc Upload

Dealers will now be able to log into their DC mobile app and access the links to upload their Onboarding documents to activate their DealerCenter account.

Once logged in on their DC mobile app, click the three dashes on the upper left. The menu will slide out and scroll down to on. An “Onboarding Stips” screen will appear, and the user can scroll to see the required stips, access the link to upload their stips and see the status of the stips.


Stips Upload

The Upload option will only show if the Stip is one of the following with “Missing” or “Rejected” Statuses:

  • Phone Bill
  • Dealer License
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • EIN Certificate

Tapping on the upload icon of a Stip List Item will allow users to choose images from their device’s photo gallery or browse for .jpg .png .pdf files from their device.



Ability to Print Inventory Docs

We have added a new feature for dealers to be able to print out inventory-related documents from their mobile app. To access the printing feature, users must select a vehicle record from the mobile app and click on the “Print Doc” icon. A “Print Form” screen will appear and give the users the option to select documents from the Print Library or Print Packs.


Users can also filter by Category, Document type ( Laser, Impact, and Others ) and access a list of frequently printed documents.




Comply with MA Police Book Requirements

The police report books are a requirement for all dealers who sell used vehicles in Massachusetts. The reports must be readily available and track each used vehicle that is acquired, sold, or traded by the dealer during the previous seven days. DealerCenter has added the previous owner’s information in the “Purchase Info Detail” field, missing fields to make the report compliant.  


Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 140, Section 62 outlines the requirements for used vehicle record books.