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Selling off your BHPH loans with Agora

We're here to help! For additional support on this topic or for more information on how to get started reach out to our Support Team at support@dealercenter.com or call us at 888-669-2669.


What is Agora?

Agora is a marketplace in which BHPH dealers can list their BHPH loans to multiple portfolio buyers in a single location. You can upload their loans, select the ones that you're interested in selling, and receive bids from companies like Westlake ALPS who are interested in buying those loans.

Selling your accounts can allow you to profit quicker while reducing your portfolio exposure, and now it's easier than ever with Agora.


How do I get started?

The steps to activate the integration are simple.

Go to Settings --> BHPH page --> BHPH Management tab

Once you have established an account with Agora, you can log into DealerCenter and enter your Agora username/password and API key in BHPH settings. You can retrieve the API key by contacting Agora Support at (469) 480-6079.


Next, select the Enable Agora Feed button. You will see a message confirming that you want to send your BHPH loan data to Agora. Selecting Yes will confirm the Agora data feed and all of your active loans will be sent to Agora in the background.



How does it work?

After setup, the initial transmission will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the amount of data that is included. Going forward, a nightly update containing information like status changes, payments, and notes will then be sent to Agora to ensure that buyers are looking at and bidding on the most current data.


How do I disable the integration?

You can disable the feed at any time by going back into BHPH settings and selecting the Disable Agora Feed button. Doing so will disable the nightly updates, but not remove any of the data that has previously been posted to Agora.