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Using MAX Digital

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What is MAX Digital?

MAX Digital is a cutting-edge vehicle appraisal solution that helps you maximize profits. Price, appraise, and sell your vehicles using market data.

  • Price: MAX Digital pulls data from millions of VINs across the nation to drive the most accurate valuation possible.
  • Appraise. Purchase vehicles you know are most likely to sell, using historical sales data and current market trends.
  • Sell. Provide transparency for your customers by showing them your vehicle valuations are fair and backed by extensive marketplace data.

For more information about checkout our MAX Digital info page.


How do I get started MAX Digital?

We offer a 14-day trial of this product! To get signed up for MAX Digital just give your DealerCenter Rep a call.

Once MAX Digital is active on your account you can access MAX Digital in DealerCenter in a few places:

  • Fastbook: Go to Inventory on the Home screen side menu, then choose FastBook. Enter a VIN to start appraisal and choose the MAX Digital tab.
  • Vehicle Details Page: Select the Max Digital tab on any vehicle.
  • Auction Run List: Look for the MAX Digital options on Auction Run List

Please review the help video for a detail overview on how to use MAX Digital in DealerCenter.


MAX Digital Help Video