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Manage Flooring on a Vehicle

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  • Inputting purchasing information: 0:25
  • Add Floor Plan: 0:54
  • Flooring Plan info in detail: 1:20
  • Flooring Term section: 2:00
  • Add/edit fees: 2:33
  • Making payments: 2:53
  • Overview panel: 3:19



  1. Flooring Overview
  2. Additional Resources and Documents


Flooring Overview

A floor plan financing company extends a line of credit to car dealers for the purpose of purchasing vehicle inventory. Many dealers take advantage of floor plans and DealerCenter offers a simple way manage an accurate record of flooring related information for any vehicle – including accounting for flooring fees and interest as a part of a vehicle’s cost or the deal cost.


Additional Resources and Documents

We've created support guides to provide more help for with reports and other scenarios for example, overpayments and underpayments. Click links below to download the PDF support document: