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Release Notes - June 2021

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Release Notes - June 2021

Check out the major updates, enhancements, fixes and new features released in June 2021.


CRM: Able to run Prequal on Customer detail page

We have added the ability to trigger an email or text to the customer from any Customer Detail page prompting them fill out a pre-qualification form and giving their consent. As always, a customer pre-qual does not affect their credit report. 



CRM/Online Marketing: Support for Facebook Ad Leads

We have added support to integrate your Facebook Ad Leads campaigns so that when a lead fills out a form on you Facebook ad it will create a lead record in your DealerCenter CRM. This setting is located at Admin > Dealer Settings > Online Marketing > Online Marketing Settings



BHPH/Deal: Cashier Check and Wire Transfer added to the payment method

For Deals and BHPH, we’ve added Cashier’s Check and Wire Transfer as additional payment types.



BHPH: Include new payment method cashier's check in IRS8300 calculations

The Form 8300, Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 in a Trade or Business, provides valuable information to the Internal Revenue Service and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in their efforts to combat money laundering.


Deal: Increase File Type Size to Upload in a Deal to 50MB

On the Deal Files Tab, you can now upload file sizes up to 50 MB in the deals file tab. File types = jpg, jpeg, csv, doc, docx, png, pdf, xls, xlsx



Deal: Digital Stip Delivery directly from customer

We have added the ability to trigger an email or text to your customer prompting them to upload stips (for example, a picture of their Driver's License). The email/text has a link for the customer which takes them directly to a page they can upload stips.



Deal: Tax Automation (Now live in these additional states: WA, MO, WY, KS, AR, HI, WI, LA and NE)

We are introducing Automated Taxes in CA and CO. This feature will display true the tax rates and values based on the customer’s or dealer’s location (depending on the state rules) for all in-state deals in CA and CO. Dealers can apply the tax results to the deal by checking the “Use Automated Tax Rates?” box.

Check out the support video on using the automated tax calculation options.



Inventory: Support for Categorization of Adds and Packs

Packs and Cost Adds did not previously allow the you to categorize your costs. Now, a category option has been added so that you can group expenses. This is reflected in reporting. The default list of categories is: Inspection, Detail, Bodyshop, Parts, Labor, Keys, Tires.



Contract and Forms Updates

New eContract: Update Documents as eSignable - NC & NY