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Release notes - July 2021

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Release notes - July 2021

Check out the updates, enhancements, fixes and new features released in July 2021.


Inventory: Vehicle Status Inbound and In Recon

DealerCenter recognizes duplicate vehicles in your account when you're adding vehicles into Inventory - including when you are using the mobile app. These duplicates can now be identified when the vehicle is in any of the following statuses: Appraisal, In Inventory, Inbound, and In Recon (previously only vehicles in “In Inventory” status where checked for duplicates).



Deal: Work deal for vehicles in status of Inbound and In Recon

You can now work deals with vehicles that are “Inbound” and “In Recon” status. Previously, only vehicles in “In Inventory” status could be added to a deal. This will allow you to work deals with cars that aren’t quite ready for sale or haven’t arrived at the dealership yet. This included running iMaxx on cars "Inbound" and "In Recon" status.



Deal: Tax Automation (Live in CA and CO)

We are introducing Automated Taxes in CA and CO. This feature will display true the tax rates and values based on the customer’s or dealer’s location (depending on the state rules) for all in-state deals in CA and CO. Dealers can apply the tax results to the deal by checking the “Use Automated Tax Rates?” box.

Check out the support video on using the automated tax calculation options.



Deal: Automotive Credit Corp (ACC) Lender Integration

We are adding the newest Preferred Lender Platform (PLP) lender, ACC. They will initially open in Idaho and will begin to expand into other states in the coming months.



Deal: Deal Summary Updates

We have updated the layout and introduced new functionality to the Deal Summary section of the Deal Contract screen.


These updates include:

      • Quick Print/Email/SMS the Deal Summary
      • Net Profit
        We have added a new value for Net Profit to the Deal Summary to give dealers a better representation of the money being made on each deal. The Net Profit will show the Total Gross minus the deal Commissions by default. There are also new settings to allow for adjustments to the way that Flooring Costs or the Doc Fee are considered in the Net Profit.
      • Commissions
        The Commissions value has been moved to a new position to better represent its impact on the Net Profit.
      • Flooring Settings
        A new Deal Setting has been added to allow dealers to control how they want to treat their flooring costs in relation to the Total Gross and Net Profit. Vehicle Cost/Front Gross: This option will include the flooring costs in the Total Vehicle Cost and the Front Gross of the deal. Net Profit: This option will remove the flooring cost from the Vehicle Cost/Front Gross, but still include it in the Net Profit of the deal.
      • Doc Fee Settings
        The existing Doc Fee setting of “Included in Gross?” will now control whether the Doc Fee is considered part of the Front Gross or separated out and only included in the Net Profit. Unchecking this setting will show the Doc Fee as a separate value towards the Net Profit.


BHPH: New Permission to Manage Account Conditions

We have added a new permission to allow users to remove BHPH Account Conditions. This new permission will be given to all users who have the Can Manage BHPH Accounts permission and can be removed as needed.



BHPH: New Repo Status: Pre-Repo

We have added a new Repo Status called “Pre-Repo.” This was added at the request of dealers who needed to send the pre-repo paperwork and have better tracking before putting the accounts into the Out for Repo Status.



Contract and Form Updates

Document Name State Category Type
LAW 553 eps LA,MT,TX LAW Contracts LAW
LAW 553 eps ARB LA,MT,TX LAW Contracts LAW


Complete Release Notes Document

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