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Working with CarGurus Prequal Leads

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  1. How do I work with prequal leads from CarGurus?


How do I work with prequal leads from CarGurus?

CarGurus let's buyers browse for cars and filter with specific criteria. When a customer has chosen a car, they may see an option to get prequalified for financing by filling out a short application Once the customer has submitted the application, they’ll be able to access their personalized rates. Notice – in this example, the customer can see their pre-qualified monthly payment, rate, and term for Westlake, and adjust their down payment to see how that would impact the deal.

To move forward with this deal, the customer can print or email an offer certificate, which also sends their information to you directly in DealerCenter as a customer lead record.

  1. To find CarGurus leads select Customer from the main menu, then choose Customer reports.
  2. Select the Detailed Customer View report to pull up your full list of active customers.
  3. Filter Lead Source to CarGurus, and select other filters if needed (like Date, etc).
  4. Click on any row to open that customer lead.
  5. On the Customer Detail, select the PreQual tab to see details
  6. Be sure to get a Credit Application from your customer before running their full credit report.
  7. Choose the option to print a Credit App - or email or text a full credit application form to the customer so they can complete the app online or on their phone.
  8. Finally, you can select the Start Desk or Start Deal buttons here to launch into the regular desking or deal process.