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Doing Deals with Business Contracts

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  1. Adding a Business Prospects
  2. Start a Business Deal
  3. Select Loan Type in Deal Contract Tab
  4. Business eContracting
  5. DealerCenter Rehash for Business Deals


Adding a Business Prospect

Click “Add Prospect” Next, select Business from the Customer Type dropdown menu. Be sure to add all required fields: Business Name, Co-Applicant Name, Current Address, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Work Phone and Email Address.

When adding a Business in Dealer Center, a Co-Applicant is required to be associated with the Business.


We have added Business Information, Operator, Principle, Other Signer and Co-Applicant Sections



Start a Business Deal

Select "Start a Deal" from the Homepage and then select "Finance" for Deal Type


Next, Select Deal Type: Business Deal from the dropdown menu then fill out the information.


After selecting Go to Deal and Accept Deal Offer, the Loan Types radio buttons will display Indirect and Direct. Indirect will be the default option selected. 



Select Loan Type in Deal Contract Tab

You will have the option to select Direct option. By selecting the Direct option, we will trigger the new Direct Contract.




New forms added for Business eContract

  1. Direct Contract (if Indirect loan type is selected, we will use existing RISC)
  2. Business Credit Application
  3. New Agreement to Provide Insurance Form
  4. Business Questionnaire

Additional Info for Faster Funding Updates

WFS Business contracts will have 2 possible scenarios for the eContract ceremony.

  1. One person signing for both applicants (Co-Buyer)
  2. Two different people signing. One person is “Other” and the second signer is Co-Buyer