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Release Notes - December 2022

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Release Notes - December 2022

Check out the major updates, enhancements, fixes and new features released in December 2022.



Account search by Vehicle Year, Make, or Model

BHPH Accounts will now be displayed in the results when searching by vehicle year, make or model in the global search field.


Search BHPH accounts by Co-signer

Dealers can now search for BHPH deals by co-signers from the global search box.




SSN is not mandatory for quick credit and running credit from customer

When running a quick credit or credit report, we have removed the requirement to provide the customers Social Security Number ( SSN ).



New Control to Deduct Deal Costs from Front or Back Gross

A new control has been added to the Deal Costs pop-down that will allow dealers to deduct the Deal Costs from either the Front Gross or Back Gross.


Solera Titling (TitleTec) Integration in Florida and Pennsylvania

DealerCenter has partnered with Solera Titling (TitleTec) to provide electronic title and registration services in Florida and Pennsylvania, with expansion to additional states in the near future.


Users can activate the TitleTec integration by entering their API key in the Titling and Registration section of Deal Settings and hitting the Activate button.  The API key can be obtained by contacting the Solera Titling (TitleTec) support team.



Once activated, users will click on the “TitleTec Ex” button to export the deal details to Solera Titling (TitleTec). The button can be hit a second time to update the previously sent information if a deal element is changed after submission. The user will then log into to Solera Titling (TitleTec) platform to complete the title and registration process.



Sensible - State Expansion

Sensible is expanding their DealerCenter integration. Previously only available in PA, MA, and CT, they are now available in the following states:




Dealers in these states who are interested in signing up with Sensible Auto can learn more about their programs and contact them by clicking the links in the Preferred Lenders section of the DealerCenter Home page.



Powersports Deals Accessible to All WFS Dealers

Westlake has expanded their Powersports (Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft, Snowmobile and Others) program to all dealers. Note: eContracting on powersports deals is only available in CA at this time.


The dealers will be able to start a powersports deal by selecting Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft, Snowmobile or Others in the vehicle type dropdown on the Deal Entry screen.



New Permissions to Control Visibility of Deal Elements

The dealer permissions have been updated to allow more flexibility over what users can/can’t see on the dealer screen and in Deal Reports. The dealer permissions will now be available with the following options:



Manage Deal Gross, Costs, and Commissions

This is the master permission that will allow the user to view all aspects of the deal costs, commissions, gross, and profit. Removing this will allow the dealer admin to make certain aspects of the deal visible by enabling one of the granular controls (listed below).


Can Manage Commissions

This will allow the user to view the commissions numbers on the deal.


Can Manage Cost

This will allow the user to view and edit the various costs (vehicle, aftermarket, deal costs, financing costs, etc.) on the deal.


Can View Back Gross

This will allow the user to view only the back gross on the deal. This will not allow the user to edit any of the deal costs that contribute to the back gross.


Can View Front Gross

This will allow the user to view only the front gross on the deal. This will not allow the user to edit any of the deal costs that contribute to the front gross


Add Cash App as a New Payment Method to Deal and BHPH Payments

Cash App has been added as a new Payment Method when taking Deal and BHPH payments



Detailed Deal Summary

A new version of the Deal Summary has been added to the Print Deal Summary control – This new version is called Detailed Deal Summary



The Detailed Deal Summary will require the “Can View Total Gross/ Net Profit” permissions, as it contains numerous cost, gross, and profit values.



Add Tax ID to Wholesale PO.

The dealer’s Tax ID has been added to the wholesale purchase order. This makes it easier for the dealers who are purchasing the vehicles to be able to keep track for tax purposes. The Sales Tax License field in the dealer’s profile will populate the TAX ID info on the wholesale purchase order.



Business/Commercial Deals (California Only)

All California dealers will now have the ability to start a retail deal for  business customers.


The dealer can begin a business deal by selecting Business Deal in the Deal Type dropdown at the top of the Deal Entry Screen.



Business deals will open a new form in which the dealer can enter the business and principal information



More information about working a business/commercial deal can be found in the following support article:



GOLF – eContracting/Vault Transfer Expansion

Golf Acceptance is expanding the electronic vault transfer of eContracted documents into the remaining states in which they are active in Dealer Center.



With this enhancement, dealers will be able to electronically transfer the eContracted documents to Golf Acceptance. A brief article explaining the eContracting and document distribution process can be found here:



Submitting to ACC and CreditoReal Without SSN/ITIN

Dealers can submit applications without an SSN/ITIN to ACC and CreditoReal by enabling the “No SSN / ITIN?” field when creating the deal.




Show KBB Fair Market in Booksheet

After the vehicle has been booked out, dealers can print the Kelley Blue Book booksheet which has a new Fair Market Range value as an option. From the print menu, the dealer can select “Fair Purchase Price”. The booksheet will print out a “Total Fair Purchase Price Value” and a “ Fair Market Range”


Used Car Fair Purchase Price

Updated weekly, the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Purchase Price for used cars is generally the midpoint of the Fair Market Range. It is Kelley Blue Book’s estimate of what a consumer can reasonably expect to pay this week in their area for this year, make and model used vehicle with typical miles and options (or with the miles and options they specify), excluding taxes, title and fees, when buying from a dealer. It’s based on actual used-car transactions, plus data from other reliable third-party sources as well as market conditions.


Used Car Fair Market Range

The Fair Market Range for used cars is Kelley Blue Book’s estimate of what a consumer can reasonably expect to pay this week in their area for this year, make and model used vehicle with typical miles and options (or with the miles and options they specify), excluding taxes, title and fees, when buying from a dealer. Each dealer sets and controls its own pricing.


Source:  https://b2b.kbb.com/kbb-vehicle-values/definitions-of-our-values/





Include “Inbound” and “In Recon” Vehicles in 3rd Party Exports

Dealers can now configure inventory exports to include vehicles with the “InBound” and “In Recon” statuses in exports to third-party marketing sites.


Standard Exports

Dealers can update their standard exports to include “Inbound” and “In Recon” vehicles by going to Admin> Dealer Settings> Inventory > Online marketing and clicking on the Site Settings link in the list of third-party marketing sites.



The user will see the additional status options in the publish settings




To update the inventory status for export to Craigslist, the user will click on the Manage Craigslist button



The user will then click on the Scheduler button and either create a new schedule or activate and existing schedule



The new inventory status options will be available in the Select Criteria (step 2) tab of the Craigslist scheduling window




To update the inventory status for export to Facebook, the user will click on the Manage Facebook button



The new vehicle status options will be visible in the status setting