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Printing Paperwork (Contracting a Deal)

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  • Deal Screen: 0:10
  • Selecting documents from the Document Library: 0:25
  • Printing selected forms/documents: 1:00
  • Reorder, add, remove and preview documents before printing: 1:15
  • Printing your documents: 1:30
  • Creating a Print Pack: 1:35
  • Selecting and editing a Print Pack: 2:00


Getting Started with Printing Paperwork

To print deal paperwork like deal contracts, purchase orders, and title forms you’ll do this directly from a deal.

On the deal screen select the ‘Contract Deal - Paper’ button or choose 'Print' from the Menu.


From the new window popup you can select a preexisting Print Pack or go to the Document Library to choose the documents you want to print. You can also select documents here and save them as a custom print pack:


In the Document Library information like the document name and ID, along with other details such as the document language and version(if applicable) are displayed in this list.

Use the filters and/or search to narrow down the list. After you've selected your documents then you can go right into Printing or Create a Print Pack