Getting Started with RouteOne Integration

What is RouteOne Integration?

This integration allows for the simple, expedited exchange of application and decision information between DealerCenter and multiple finance sources.  

  • Quickly and easily exchange application and decision information between DealerCenter and your finance sources
  • Enter customer data only once - single-click submit credit applications to multiple finance sources and receive their credit decisions without leaving DealerCenter.
  • Approve finance offers in DealerCenter

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How Do I Setup RouteOne?

Step 1: Sign-up in DealerCenter

Select the RouteOne Sign Me Up button on the DealerCenter homepage:


Next, review and accept review and accept the terms of RouteOne dealer participation Agreement:


Search for and select the financial sources you would like to submit vehicle loan applications in DealerCenter through RouteOne: 

Click Submit to send your finance source selections to RouteOne. This initiates your request for RouteOne activation. 


Step 2: RouteOne ID Activation

Activation with RouteOne typically takes between 24-48 hours from the time of request submission.Once this is completed, you will be assigned a unique RouteOne ID. This RouteOne ID can be found on the Dealer Options page

Access this page by selecting Settings on the Homepage, then choose the Dealer option:


Your RouteOne ID is shown here once activation is complete.

Step 3: Call your Lenders!

Now that you've been activated with RouteOne and you have your RouteOne ID, you can contact your lenders.

Each lender may have a slightly different process for enabling your RouteOne access with them. When working with your lenders, keep the following in mind:

  • You may want to confirm with your lender that they are RouteOne lender. 
  • Lenders might have a particular department or team that is responsible for enabling RouteOne connection.
  • Some lenders will be able to enable your RouteOne access instantly while others may require more time (1-3 business days).
  • Follow-up with lenders, and remember we're here to help. Talk to you DealerCenter rep today!