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Doing a Westlake Financial Deal

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Working a Westlake Deal


How do I start?

Select Start a Deal from the Homepage.

Choose Finance as Deal Type.


What do I enter on the deal screen?

1. Add Applicant Information by searching for an existing customer, or entering in a new customer.

2. Add the Vehicle by searching for an existing vehicle, or entering in vehicle. If necessary, you can add the VIN right here to build the vehicle.


A green checkmark and date will be displayed when there is a valid (less than 30 days old) Experian credit report on file. If there is not a valid Experian report, select Run/View Credit to pull an XPN report - without losing your place.

 A green checkmark next to the appropriate book value will appear unless the book values requires attention or is missing. Select Book to update to the correct book month, if necessary.

How do I structure the deal?

You have TWO options:

AutoStructure - Enter the Down Payment and AutoStructure Payment amounts. Nothing else is required! DealerCenter will build the rest of the deal structure for you to maximize your profits.

As-is-Call - Enter all fields including Price, Down Payment, desired Term (optional), desired Interest Rate (optional) and the system will attempt to secure an approval based on the exact criteria entered.

For more flexibility, you can also submit a deal with both an AutoStructure Payment and standard buy program information included.


Quick TipThough you can manually change the sales tax and fees on a deal-by-deal basis, it’s recommended that you set the default figures for the Sales Tax and Fees by going to homepage sidebar and selecting Admin --> Dealer Settings --> Deal. Be sure to check out the video on Deal Settings for more details.


What is the Preferred Lender window?

The Preferred Lender Results window will be displayed once you select Go to Deal. This shows all results/offers from DealerCenter Preferred Lenders. You can select any offer to continue or just close this window to go directly into the Deal Lender Offers tab.

You can make some changes to the deal and view the new results automatically updated in this window.

 Westlake results are displayed. In this example, there is the As-is-Call (Gold) result, and Auto Structure result. Also, notice that Westlake may offer additional results based on other programs.


How do I review and accept an offer?

1. Select the lender name from the list of lenders to review their offer details and work with that specific lender.

2. You can update the deal - making changes to the parameters, if necessary - and the offer details will instantly update.

3. Once you are satisfied with the deal the select Accept Offer button.


How do I finalize the deal and print paperwork?

1. If needed, you can update the deals values. For example, adding details on a Service Contract.

2. Finally, select Print to select print packs and print your paperwork and contracts.