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Collect and track all payments for a deal

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  1. How to take payments on a deal
  2. Write-Offs
  3. Refunds/Partial Refunds


How to take payments on a deal?

DealerCenter makes it easy to record and track all payments for a deal – including down payments and scheduling deferred down payments – as well as collecting and reporting on funding payments received from lenders on finance deals and collecting and reporting on payments received for wholesale deals.

Once you update a deal to any of the sold statues DealerCenter walks you through collecting payments.



The Remaining Payments section of the Deal Payments window includes options to Schedule payments, Write-Off payments, or Collect payments:


The Write-Off button allows you to tell the system that this uncollected payment will not be collected. This is important for two reasons:

  1. This will tell the system to no longer expect this payment so the balance will no longer show up as being due on the various reports that show due amounts.
  2. This will create an entry in Quickbooks that will mark this expected amount as a loss and balance out their books


Refunds/Partial Refunds

When you choose the Refund button you will be asked if the want to do a Full Refund or a Partial Refund:


If you select Partial Refund, you will be asked to enter the refund amount and details.


After entering the Refund Amount, the remaining/not-funded amount, will be shown in the Payments Applied section with a note that it was partially refunded.


And the Payments Remaining section will show the amount that was refunded – at which point you can choose to write it off as a loss or collect it again.