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Uploading Stips and Documents to a Westlake Deal

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  • Email documents: 0:12
  • Upload documents directly to deal: 0:26
  • Add comments for rep: 1:00
  • Tracking funding progress: 1:05


Uploading Stips Overview

Westlake financial provides automated technology so you can submit deals 24/7. Once you’ve accepted an offer it’s easy to electronically send stips under the WF Funding tab.

You have a few options:

  • You can email documents to the special email address provided. Clicking on the email link will automatically open an email for you to attach documents to.
  • You can upload your document directly to the deal. Select ‘Received Documents’, then choose the type of stip you’re uploading from the menu. If you’re not sure just leave the selection on the Unassigned Doc option.
  • You can use the Remote Stip Collection feature, which lets you request missing stipulation, documents, and files directly from the consumer via email or SMS. You can select the files to be collected and a message will be sent to the customer, who can upload the requested files. Once uploaded the customer files will be automatically attached to both the deal record and the customer record.


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