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eContracting for Westlake Financial

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  1. Remote eContracting Walkthrough Video
  2. eContracting for Westlake Financial/Western Funding
  3. Regular eContracting Walkthrough Video
  4. Additional Resources


Remote eContracting Walkthrough Video

The Remote eContracting option lets buyers who aren't physically at your dealership (for example, in another state) eSign from a computer or tablet. Here are some things to consider when remote eContracting:

  • Remote eContracting is for buyers that are not at your dealership
  • The buyer needs access to email and a computer or tablet
  • eContracting process and eSigning does not work on a mobile phone


  • Remote eContracting overview: 0:00
  • Starting eContracting on your deal: 1:05
  • Selecting At Dealership vs. Remote signing: 1:20
  • Additional Info for Faster Funding page: 1:25
  • Dealer signing session: 2:05
  • eContracting status on Funding Page: 3:12
  • Buyer emails: 3:25
  • Buyer signing session: 4:15
  • Final step of submitting the deal with stips: 6:20


eContracting for Westlake Financial and Western Funding

eContracting streamlines your paperwork process and gives your customers the convivence of eSigning documents. eContracting means deals get funded faster and you get paid faster. Paperwork you’d normally have to print and FedEx to Westlake or Western Funding can instead be quickly, easily and securely eSigned – and instantly received for final processing and funding.

Now with fully remote eContracting, you can get deals done without the customer ever visiting your dealership.

To start eContracting on a deal, choose the Print/eContract option on the side menu. This will bring up the Print Forms/Packs window. Here, look for the blue eSign option.



Regular eContracting Walkthrough Video

Westlake Financial and Western Funding offer eContracting in DealerCenter, which means paperwork you’d normally have to print and send to your lender can now be quickly and securely eSigned – and instantly received by the lender.


  • Starting an eContracting session on a deal: 0:25
  • Complete additional information window: 0:49
  • Dealer signing session: 1:08
  • Buyer signing session: 1:50
  • Completely the signing session: 3:18
  • Printing additional documents: 3:50
  • Final step of submitting the deal with stips: 4:00


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