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AutoDataDirect: ELT & Temp Tag Services

We're here to help! For additional support on this topic or for more information on how to get started reach out to our Support Team at support@dealercenter.com or call us at 888-669-2669.

Many states require or accommodate electronic title and licensing. As of Spring 2018, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Carolina have hard requirements that all vehicle be titled with the state electronically.

DealerCenter now provides a solution that allows you perform theses needed ELT and Temp Tag/Plate transactions through our integration with AutoDataDirect, Inc.


How do I get started?

The steps to activate the integration are simple.

Go to Settings --> Deal page --> Deal Management tab


Next, select the Activate AutoDataDirect button to be directed to the AutoDataDirect registration page. Here, you can choose the account type you'd like to have. For questions about AutaDataDirect's services or account type options, give them a call at 850-877-8804 or email them at nfo@add123.com


How does it work?

The side menu on the deal screen now has two additional options:

  • Proces ELT
  • Request Tags/Plates

If you select either option DealerCenter will take all the relevant information from the deal and send it to AutoDataDirect. You will be redirected to the AutoDataDirect site and after logging can complete the process.