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How to work with DealDriver leads

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  • DealDriver Plugin on your website: 0:08
  • Customer prequal form on your website : 0:15
  • DealDriver leads in DealerCenter: 0:28
  • Looking out voucher leads: 0:57
  • Looking at prequal leads: 1:52


DealDriver Overview

DealDriver is the innovate plug-in that’s built right into your website and allows customers to instantly get pre-qualified for vehicles without using their social security number or even impacting their credit score.

When a customer fills out the short pre-qual form, you’ll instantly receive that information as a lead record in DealerCenter.

A customer can even get pre-qualified for a specific vehicle on your website and obtain a deal voucher with deal details. DealDriver leads are easily accessible in DealerCenter. They are pushed to DealerCenter and like all internet leads they can generate push notifications to your phone and in DealerCenter. Internet leads are available to be worked in DealerCenter CRM.



Additional Resources

DealDriver Information One-Sheet: