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Mobile App: Inventory

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Search for Vehicles?

To search for vehicles in the mobile app, simply start typing the VIN, year, make, model, or color. The full list will appear and you can select the entry to go to the vehicle detail page. 

How Do I View AutoCheck and Carfax reports?

The inventory list will display the AutoCheck score at a glance, but you can go to the vehicle detail page of your vehicle to view the AutoCheck or Carfax report fully. 

How Do I Access the VIN Scanner? 

On the bottom right corner of the inventory list screen, you can tap the VIN scan button to go directly to the VIN scan screen. You can also access it from the home screen. For more information about using the VIN scanner, see our video.

How Do I Use MAX Digital in the Mobile App? 

If you are subscribed to MAX Digital, you can view the market values in the MAX Digital tab on the vehicle detail page. To learn more about MAX Digital, click here.