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Doing an Outside Finance Deal

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The Outside Finance/One Pay deal allows you to enter a deal when your customer obtains their own financing. In the cases where a customer obtains financing through their local bank or credit union, you can use DealerCenter to not only log the deal but print out the necessary paperwork.


Starting from the home screen, go to “Start a Deal” under the Quick Links section or under the Deals tab.



Select the “Outside Finance/One Pay” option on the pop-up.



Under the Deal Info section, you’ll find that the term is automatically set to “One Pay” under the term. This allows you to adjust the final net check, or the check you’ll receive from your customer’s financing source. You can adjust the numbers on the next screen.



On the next screen, you’ll be able to input the lender name and adjust any other information before printing out paperwork that the lender might need.



For more information or to do a step-by-step walkthrough, please contact DealerCenter support or your DealerCenter rep.