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Using Automated Sales Tax

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Tax automation

DealerCenter partners with Tekion (formally Five64) to automatically calculate the sales tax rates and amounts for the current deal. Depending on the rules of your state, the displayed tax info will typically be based on the dealership's location address or the customer's address. 

Please verify the automatically calculated tax values appear correct. Then select the "Use automated tax rates" checkbox to pull in the Sales Tax.



Setup DealerCenter to use the automatically calculated tax rates by default

If you would like the automatically calculated tax values to be pulled into the deal by default just choose this setting in Dealer Settings

Select Settings from homescreen, then choose the Deal tab. Next select the checkbox:


This setting allows the "Use automated tax rates" checkbox to be checked by default, but you can always override this on any individual deal. You always have the option to review the tax calculations and input your own Sale Tax values if needed.