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Release Notes - May 2021

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Release Notes - May 2021

Check out the updates, enhancements, fixes and new features released in May 2021.


BHPH: Add Flagging to Collection Notes

We have added a flag icon to the BHPH collection activities that dealers can use to mark an activity as important.



BHPH: Add Sorting to Account Conditions

We have added a new control to allow dealers to sort the account condition either by date added or alphabetically.



BHPH: Pin an Account Condition in the First Position

We have added the ability for the dealer to pin an account condition to the top of the condition list by clicking the pin icon on the condition. If multiple conditions are pinned, the most recently pinned will be in the top position.



BHPH: Add Account Conditions to the Payment Level Reporting

We have added the account condition as a field to the BHPH payment level reports. The dealers can add this new column to their existing reports, and it will show the accounts conditions as a list in the column.



Dealers can filter for a particular condition by adding a contains filter to return only the accounts where the condition contains that word/phrase:




Deal: New Setting to Control TAVT Tax Default

We have added a new setting in GA to allow dealer to turn off the default use of the TAVT. The current behavior is to use the TAVT by default, but several dealers asked for a setting to disable this for their deals.



Deal: Switch FL to New Tax Service

We will be switching FL to our new automated tax provider. The functionality stays the same, but the underlying data will be coming from a different source, which will resolve some of the issues we’ve recently encountered with incorrect rates in a few counties


Contract and Form Updates

Document Name State Category Type
LAW 553 eps LA,MT,TX LAW Contracts LAW
LAW 553 eps ARB LA,MT,TX LAW Contracts LAW


Complete Release Notes Document

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