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Faster Funding with Instant Income Verification

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Faster Funding

DealerCenter in partnership with Westlake Financial and Western Funding have streamlined the entire funding process with features like Instant Income Verification. Plus, overall improvements like an easier-to-read Stips list and a more intuitive workflow help you get deals done faster. 

Instant Income Verification

  1. Click Verify Income to upload a customer’s paystub. You’ll be able to choose from documents already uploaded or you can upload a new document.
  2. Once uploaded the paystub is instantly analyzed. The system will verify the customer’s name and their employer company name as well as ensuring the paystub is not fraudulent. The customer’s income is also pulled.
  3. To finish select the ‘Use this Income on Deal’ button. This will apply the verified income to the deal.



Enhanced Stips List



New Acknowledgements added in eContract ceremony

New Acknowledgement in the Dealer Acknowledgment section of eContracting include the following:

  1. Driver of the vehicle is on the contract and has a valid license.
  2. Vehicle must be delivered to the person listed on the contract by the contract date.
  3. Sales price is capped to lower of negotiated or advertised price.



More Intuitive Funding Tab

The Funding Tab has been improved to show you just the information you need, when you need it. The Funding Progress Tracker has been simplified and now only shows you the most relevant details. You can click on the tracker for more information:


The Stips List features a cleaner, easier-to-read list format and now by default only shows the Stips that are still needed. Stips that you've already uploaded are out of the way, but you can easily see those too by checking the "Show additional stips uploaded' box: