Customer, Credit & CRM

Get familiar with our CRM tools, credit and compliance features, and basic customer-related tasks.

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CRM: Working a Prospect

Adding a New Prospect/Customer

Running Credit & Printing a Credit Application

Automating Your Adverse Action Notices

Printing an Adverse Action Notice

Setting up Direct Lead Import

DC Chat: Video Calls

DC Chat and Integrated Messaging Center

Worldpay Payment Processing

Podium: Streamline your business reviews process

Setting up Customer Marketing Campaigns

Using Compliance Tools

What do I need to know about Compliance?

Using DealerCenter CRM: Part 1 - Basics and Understanding Statuses

Using DealerCenter CRM: Part 2 - Working a Prospect and Recording Activity

Using DealerCenter CRM: Part 3 - Appt. Scheduling & Follow-ups

Using CRM on the DealerCenter Mobile App

Using CRM Workflows & Task Management

Using the Customer Check-in Feature

Using Duplicate Checker

Mobile & Desktop Notifications

Using Built-in SMS and Email Features

Sending Bulk Emails & Text Messages

Using Calendar and Tasks

Introduction to Internet Lead Management

Webinar Recording: Exploring CRM, Running Credit & Other Customer Tools